Fishing Trips

Are you an avid fisherman?  Did you ever have the dream to fly?  How about a floatplane trip to Canada?

Even if you have never flown a plane before, you could take the controls and experience the thrill of flying under the watchful eyes of a Flight Instructor.  Go to your favorite lodge or we can recommend one.

If you are already a pilot, you can obtain your seaplane rating or take your flight review along with a fishing trip.

Guided fishing/flying adventures can be arranged in Wisconsin or Michigan. This is a perfect opportunity to take flying lessons and get in some good fishing!

We can custom fit the right plan for you.

Nature's Wonder

While taking a scenic flight with my good friends Tom and Marilyn Anthony from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin last summer, we saw the most spectacular show! We were flying at 3000 feet or approximately 1400 feet above the ground. In the distance, off to the left of our flight path we could see a hawk circling at our altitude. We quickly overtook the bird and as it completed a turn, it came within 60 yards and slightly beneath the left wing of the plane.

It was easily identified as an osprey. The bird then folded its wings back and went into an immediate dive, I assumed to get away from us. As we watched, it continued all the way down until we saw it make a big splash in the small lake beneath us, likely after a fish. Incredible it could spot a fish under water at that altitude!! Truly one of the most spectacular sights I have ever witnessed in all my years of flying. What made it even better was the fact that Tom was at the controls which allowed me to see it! Just another example of how we never know what we will encounter when out for a scenic flight.

I have always enjoyed Tom and Marilyn’s visits when they come up to Northern WI to camp as they combine a nice scenic tour along with a nice relaxing flight lesson!!

A Funny Story

I took two gals on a scenic flight to the south shore of Lake Superior around the Ironwood area. One of them happened to be from Montana. I was pointing out different areas like the ski hills, the rugged Black River, Black River Harbor, the White Pine Mine, Lake Gogebic, etc. When I pointed out the Porcupine Mountains, I felt slightly red-faced. The gal from Montana had to be slightly amused at the fact that we called them mountains but as far as I could see she didn’t show it. “Well anyway, that’s what we flatlanders call mountains”, I explained. Then we all had a good laugh. The fact of the matter is that geologists say that at one time they were as tall as the Alps. However, because of our four different glacial advances, they were ground down to their present height.