Aerial Photography

For Real Estate, Marketing Photography

Getting a bird's eye view and taking photographs allows you to see things from a whole new perspective.

Aerial photos of:

  • Your Home, Cottage or Cabin
  • Hunting land or business property
  • Construction sites to show the project phases
  • Large Outdoor Celebrations or Gatherings
  • Natural Scenic beauty: Apostle Islands, Porcupine Mountains, Lake Superioir shoreline


Yesterday I had the great pleasure of taking a flight with Bill. I found his service online via google in an effort to see how I could spice up my usual trip to the North Woods. As a photographer I knew that a flight over the various lakes and wetlands would be something I didn't want to miss. Bill was extremely responsive by email (my preferred method of contact whenever possible) and we narrowed down a date and time that turned out to be perfect.

The skies were fully of fluffy white clouds with the customary North Woods robin's egg blue popping through which made for spectacular color on the ground. With a little help from me by way of a google map to point out our dock, he arrived right on the button. What a thrill to see him fly overhead and land off in the distance before puttering over to our dock.

Just as friendly and personable in person, Bill and I discussed possible routes and soon we were off. The take off was flawless and smooth and before I knew it we had the window open and I was snapping away. He took me over various lakes, roping water ways and vibrant boggy wetlands. Truly better than I had hoped. The landing was just as smooth, not a single wiggle, wobble or bump.

I would absolutely recommend contacting Bill and setting up your own custom flight. The aircraft seats up to 3 passengers and the view from above just cannot be beat. Plus, I'm sure you can get access to some beautiful, remote locations for a truly peaceful, quiet day of hiking, fishing, or whatever your heart desires. I'll absolutely be looking him up again next summer.

D Bannie